Home for the holidays

I. Life according to my iphone

The season was marked by another mini Christmas tree, our last in Mr. E and my tiny apartment. We are moving toward adulthood (GASP!) and bought a very large home with Krissie and Kevin. We close early January and things will surely be even busier this busy season with all of the really moving pieces!

Something nice that Krissie found was a neat volunteering event whose main purpose was to handout presents to homeless kids in Boston. It was a hugely successful event, but like all volunteering events, the term “Santa’s helper” really translates into janitor.  I have never been so sad to see ice cream everywhere. My spirit felt good, but I left thinking I needed a festive and very stuff drink.

I drank way too much this month and my body is suffering the consequences. This compounded by all of the delicious morsels the season brings — hot chocolate whilst watching Love Actually, homemade pizza for Christmas Eve, and our filet crowned jewel for Christmas — has resulted in a serious at risk chin and small gut.  Somebody stop me, but seriously though.  I’ve just downloaded Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app to kick my body back into motion and hopefully back to my former 10 pound lighter self by March.

If there is one superficial tidbit I’ve learned this Christmas, it’s to wear red lipstick more often. It makes the most frumpy outfit seem so effortlessly chic!

II. New Traditions

We all headed into the city to see a Broadway show, something we’re trying to turn into a post-Christmas tradition. This year we went to see Jersey Boys and took Mr. E to his first show, which is what I’ve been doing to do since forever.

We also came up with this genius idea to give grandma “High Tea at Home.”  When she was more mobile, we’d go to the Garden City hotel for a very luxurious afternoon tea.  Because she’s more of a homebody these days, the granddaughters wanted to give her a special experience and bring that special feeling to her at home. Today’s little meal was in her words “terrific.”

Holiday Cheer

I. It’s the holiday season

.. so whoop de doo! Holiday parties are in full swing and tonight I’m off to my first.  Mr. E is having his work event at one of my favorite quick hit Mexican joints. What could be more merry than nachos, tacos, and cervezas for all?

I’m coming for you tonight.

I. The Resurrection

Somehow, I always find my way back. It’s been nearly two years.  Unbelievable right? I was up until the wee hours of the morning reading through all of my old memories here.  It was a fun ride going through life’s former ups and downs and putting my 29 year old perspective on things.  The best were moments that I jotted down about my relationship with Mr. E.

Not to state the obvious here, but a lot has changed.  To go in chronological order, Krissie and Kevin got married last October.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast.  Jae and I were convinced it was the best day of our lives, even if it wasn’t our wedding.

Not a week later, my wonderful aunt (and Krissie’s godmother) lost her short and fierce battle to cancer. Nothing has shaken my family quite like this had and I still find myself getting uncontrollably choked up thinking about it.

Work was too generous and let me home for two weeks to help with the arrangements and stay will Aly and Beth, who prolonged her and Carl’s stay.  It was painful, but we got through it.  This is the second round of holidays we’re going through now and I know how incredibly hard it is for my cousins, especially with Beth being in England.

Later in the fall, Mr. E asked me to marry him.  The whole thing was an out of body experience that I really couldn’t believe was happening, even to the point where I incredulously demanded, “What are you doing?!” I’d be a fool not to say yes, so as soon as I digested the shock of it all, I said yes.  We celebrated moments later by sharing our favorite pizza at Cambridge 1, the place of our very first date.

Aly came to Boston with my parents. We participated in my second Spartan Race and I’m happy to report that I survived. I may have walked around rather than scaled a wall, but who really pays attention at these things???

Nothing to report during the winter other than historic snow falls in Boston and just another busy season.  I spent my time huddled in a windowless room with my large team getting shit done. There was laughter, drama, and way too much take out. Business as usual.

During the summer, I ate far too many hot dogs and struggled with my weight pre-wedding.  What else is new, right? I’m vowing to become a healthier, more fit person but I’m never going on an extreme diet again. I yo-yoed all summer and ended up being heavier and more unhappy with my body than I’ve ever been.

II. The Wedding

It was an incredible day.  Mr. E and I tore up the dance floor, were surrounded by the most special people in our lives, ate really good food, wept tears of joy, and vowed to love each other no matter what life throws our way.


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


Big Buck Hunter

Getting my face did

The hunter (or bird watcher in peaceful times)

You know, just an unsuspecting doe.

Couple costumes can be really lame. Good thing we’re not lame. Originally inspired by my long drives up to Vermont, I’d planned on being a deer (or moose but that makeup could have gotten real ugly real fast) and Mr. E could have been a truck. Though the road kill idea was clever, having Mr. E sit down or really do anything seemed logistically impossible with a large cardboard box around his caboose. We opted for an easy hunter costume with a trapper hat, down vest, and plaid shirt.


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